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A mod for configurable messages on kills in in-game chat and much more!

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#How to use CUM

First off, there are several convars in the current version, so you are probably gonna want to look at all the convars by typing ' cum_ ' in the console of Northstar ( you can open the console by pressing the ` key while Titanfall is open ). The values of these can be changed by typing the convar name in the console and putting "value" after it ( like this : cum_am_kill_messages_enabled "1" ).

Anyways, to use the mod, simply add +cum_am_kill_messages "your first message" to your ns_startup_args.txt in your install folder for Titanfall. Then either add +cum_am_kill_messages_enabled 1 to the ns_startup_args.txt in your install folder or get in game and type cum_am_kill_messages_enabled "1" in the console. This will enable kill messages (messages that will be sent in chat when you kill someone).

If you want to have multiple different messages that are randomly selected when you kill someone, simply put multiple messages in the convar cum_am_kill_messages and separate them with a '|' character like this : cum_am_kill_messages "your first message|your second message|your third message" You can also put the name of the person you kill or your name in the message with a proxy. The default proxies are @vn for victim name and @an for attacker name. So if you wanted to put the name of the person you killed in the message then you would do this : cum_am_kill_messages "your first messages to @vn|your second message to @vn|your third message to @vn"

If you really want to spam (which I don't endorse) then you can use the shapes feature that was introduced in version 1.1.0 of the CUM. The shapes feature can be accessed by typing this in console : cum_am_kill_messages_shapes_enabled "1" You can change the shape type (currently either a basic line or a sine wave) by typing this in console : cum_am_kill_messages_shape "1" (this will set the shape to a sine wave, as the value 1 is a sine wave, and 0 is a line)

Be aware : all of these convars apply to the other types of action messages (death messages and suicide messages)

Available versions

Please note that the install buttons only work if you have compatible client software installed, such as the Thunderstore Mod Manager. Otherwise use the zip download links instead.

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