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A simple mod that has a chance to disconnect you any time you die.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

EladNLG-ModSettings-2.0.2 icon

A mod that adds a settings menu for modders to add their own settings in - with a filter to find certain ones easily.

Preferred version: 2.0.2
northstar-Northstar-1.12.5 icon

Titanfall 2 modding and custom server framework.

Preferred version: 1.12.5
S2Mods-ClientKillCallback-2.0.0 icon

Used as a dependency for other mods, resource for modders.

Preferred version: 2.0.0


Go Fuck Yourself

A simple, innocent mod that has a chance to kick you from the match any time you die.

Watch a small demonstration of the mod here

NOTE: Mod Settings is required and will allow you to change the odds.

If you REALLY don't want to use Mod Settings for whatever reason just delete fuckyourself_settings.nut or you'll be stuck on the main menu.


"Chance To Play (1 in ...)" allows you to change the odds of the video playing after every death, and is 30 by default. Don't set it to 0 or less.

"How do you wish to suffer?" changes what specifically happens when the video plays. You have 5 options.

  • "Exit to Menu": Kicks you back to the main menu screen.
  • "Crash Game": Simply gives you a Northstar crash.
  • "Freeze Game": Fully freezes your game. You'll have to close the command prompt or the exe in Task Manager.
  • "Close Game": Just immediately closes the game, no freezing or popup.
  • "Do Nothing": Nothing happens. (coward)


Visit the Gitbook page for more information and other mods!


v1.1.0 (Apr. 10th, 2023)

  • Mod no longer uses cl_obituary, and thus requires the newest version of ClientKillCallback. This additionally means the mod should no longer have any compatibility issues.
  • There are now new options for what happens when the video plays. You can choose the basic exit to menu, crash the game, freeze the game, close the game, or do nothing.
  • Video quality should be slightly better.

v1.0.1 (Jan. 17th, 2023)

  • Updated mod to be compatible with Mod Settings 2.0. If you're still using an older version of Mod Settings for other mods and still wish to use this one, simply download an older version.

v1.0.0 (Oct. 1st, 2022):

  • Mod released and published to Thunderstore.


If this mod is causing you any issues, you can contact me on Discord (Captain Diqhedd#9946) and I'll try helping if I can.