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This mod requires the following mods to function

northstar-Northstar-1.9.7 icon

Titanfall 2 modding and custom server framework.

Preferred version: 1.9.7
EladNLG-ModSettings-1.1.2 icon

A mod that adds a settings menu for modders to add their own settings in - with a filter to find certain ones easily.

Preferred version: 1.1.2


Halo Announcer

This mod adds the Halo Announcer Jeff Steitzer into your game.

There's over 200 voicelines to hear and over 120 medals to collect!

Watch the trailer here!

NOTE: Mod Settings is needed.

If you REALLY don't want to use Mod Settings for whatever reason just delete halo_announcer_settings.nut or you'll be stuck on the main menu. However, this will make it harder to change any settings.

HUDRevamp Combatibility Patch

HUDRevamp overrides the cl_hud.gnut file which is needed for some medals and sound effects to play.

You can download a separate mod that contains the required code for both mods here.


Visit the Gitbook page for more information and other mods!



  • Fixed the Titan Streak being incremented twice after every titan kill due to auto-titan kills in obituary returning. (again) (I forgot I reverted the fix to test something) (oopsie) (sorry)


Video showing changes

  • Halo Announcer is now available for download on Thunderstore!
  • Chat announcements for medals have been added. These client-side only messages will appear when you earn certain medals. Currently they appear for: Overkill or higher, Running Riot or higher, Cleansing or higher, and all 4 sustained spree medals. Other players on the server can also earn all of these except for Blitz Streak. In Mod Settings you can choose whether to show All, just yours, just others, or none. Note that all other players share the same requirements you set for the Timed Killstreak and Killing Spree, so if it's easier for you to get them, it's easier for everyone else and vice versa.
  • There is now an additional mod to make Halo Announcer v1.4.0 compatible with HUDRevamp v1.2.4. (by EladNLG)
  • This mod is now compatible with any mods that require ClientKillCallback v1.0.0. (by S2ymi)
  • Additionally, added compatibility for my one-off joke mods GoFuckYourself and Shrek.Kill.
  • This mod now uses EladNLG's Mod Settings Menu! Coming with this addition, Halo Announcer will now track certain stats persistently through matches and game sessions, as well as a full options menu to easily change a lot of stuff about the mod! Things added include:
    • Hardcore Mode - Toggles all (3-6-9) streaks into (5-10-15) streaks.
    • Custom Medals - Toggles medals made specifically for this mod, and pre-existing medals that have had their conditions altered.
    • MCC Redesigns - Toggles the MCC redesigns for a lot of the Halo Reach medals.
    • Medal Visual Size - Changes the size of the visualizer in the top left corner, also allowing you to turn it off.
    • Medal Background - Toggles the persistent Medal Background so that you'll only see the square when earning medals.
    • Medal Popup Sounds - Toggles the popup sound effects for when you earn medals.
    • Chat Medal Announcements - Toggles which chat announcements you'd like to see for certain earned medals, if any.
    • Timed Killstreak Reset Time - Changes the time it takes for the Timed Killstreak (Double Kill to Killionaire) to reset.
    • Timed Killstreak Expire Notification - Toggles the video and sound effect that plays when your Timed Killstreak expires.
    • Titanfall 2 Killsound - Toggles the default Titanfall 2 killsound.
    • Halo Infinite Killsound - Toggles the added in Halo Infinite killsound.
    • Custom Killsound - Toggles custom killsound.bik file if you have one.
    • Halo 5 Headshot Sound - Toggles the extra pop sound effect when you get a headshot kill.
    • Assist/Titan/Grunt Popup Sounds - Toggles the extra sound effects that play when getting assists and killing infantry and titans.
    • Hidden 'Skulls' [unfinished] - Allows you to collect skulls hidden on a few maps. Not recommended as they currently don't give anything, but try if you want to.
  • The Northstar installation is now simplified. If you decide to manual install, you no longer need to also add bik files into your r2>media folder. If you've used an older version of this mod, feel free to delete the old bik files in your media folder.
  • The Timed Killstreak reset timer has been lowered (6.1 > 5.5)
  • Fixed Timed Killstreak resetting at improper times. (Previously, the check for resetting the streak was done by comparing integers of the in-game timer. This means that there was a large margin of error depending on when you got your last kill. It's also why sometimes the streak would feel like it stopped working earlier than usual, or gone on longer than usual.)
  • There is now a video and sound that plays to notify you when the timed streak has expired.
  • The mod now comes with the Halo Infinite killsound included.
  • Additionally, there's extra sound effects if it was a headshot kill, and there's now 2 different types of killsounds for infantry units and titans. There's also a sound effect for assists.
  • Many (not all) Halo Reach medals will now instead use their Halo: The Master Chief Collection redesigns, since I believe the Halo 4 medal design fits this game better. If you prefer to use the Reach versions, simply toggle MCC Redesigns in the Options to Off. Redesigned medals include: all Sniper Spree medals, all Shotgun Spree medals, all Titan-Pilot Spree medals, 3 Titan Spree medals, 2 Sword Spree Medals, 2 Infection Spree medals, and 2 Zombie Killing Spree medals.
  • Blitz Streak is now easier in general to get. Time until kill subtraction has changed. [ 20, 40, 60, 80, 100 ] -> [ 25, 50, 75, 100, 125 ] Additionally, it no longer resets upon death.
  • Victory and Defeat have more possible lines.
  • The classic Halo Countdown sound effect now plays at the start of a match.
  • Fixed Halfway and Nearing Victory/Defeat voicelines from playing over each other when you join late to a match in-progress.
  • The Infantry Spree medals will now also count drones and prowlers.
  • Added the Primrose Accelerator to Sniper Spree weapon list.
  • Added gamemode identification for Frontier Defense.
  • Fixed some medals not playing the correct popup sound according to their tier.
  • Fixed the Infantry Streak medals not incrementing properly when killing multiple infantry units at the same time.
  • Fixed the Titan Streak being incremented twice after every titan kill due to auto-titan kills in obituary returning.
  • Fixed "From The Grave" and other medals causing multiple instances of MedalCall() to run at the same time.
  • Fixed "Unlucky" not properly replacing in some Free For All modes.
  • Fixed "Yoink" not playing when pulling a battery if you were to gain percentage from it.
  • Fixed voiceline name that prevented it from playing.
  • Fixed incredibly unlikely bug where the Timed Killstreak would not reset upon death if you still got the next kill within 5.5 seconds, to account for clients being able to now set whatever time they want.
  • Fixed Medal Background not appearing in matches where the timer was very high. (again)
  • Added hidden Skulls to a few maps. These are off by default and you aren't really meant to find them right now, as they don't do anything yet.
  • 15 new medals have been added!
    • "Street Sweeper" - Replacing Pancake, step on 3 pilots with your titan in one life. ("Pancake" has been moved, and can be earned by crushing a player with a Titanfall.)
    • "Top Gun" - Replacing Killjoy, kill 9 pilots with an smg in one life. ("Killjoy" has been moved, and can be earned by killing a player who's on a Killing Spree. (other SMG spree medals have moved down 1 tier.))
    • "Spray n' Pray" - Replacing Juggernaut Spree, kill 6 pilots with an lmg in one life. ("Juggernaut Spree" has been moved, and can be earned by killing 2 titans in one life. All other Titan Streak medals have been incremented by 1, making the new max 6 titan kills.)
    • "Sword Spree" - Get 3 kunai or ronin sword kills in one life.
    • "Slice n' Dice" - Get 6 kunai or ronin sword kills in one life.
    • "Cutting Crew" - Get 9 kunai or ronin sword kills in one life.
    • "Fastlane" - Kill 3 players while going exceedingly fast in one life.
    • "Ramming Speed" - Melee kill a player while going exceedingly fast.
    • "Divine Intervention" - Survive an encounter after being knocked to 1% health or less.
    • "Magic Hands" - Get a kill with 10 different weapons in one life.
    • "Overtime" - Kill a player after the match has already ended and player movement has been disabled.
    • "Hat Trick" - With a Sniper Rifle, get 3 headshot kills in a row.
    • "Triple Double" - In one match, obtain 10 headshots, 10 assists, and 10 titan kills.
    • "Extinction" - Kill 40 infantry in one life.
    • "Apocalypse" - Kill 50 infantry in one life.

Changelogs pre-Thunderstore release will be on the Gitbook page.


If this mod is causing you any issues, you can contact me on Discord (Captain Diqhedd#9946) and I'll try helping if I can.

Available versions

Please note that the install buttons only work if you have compatible client software installed, such as the Thunderstore Mod Manager. Otherwise use the zip download links instead.

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