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Customisable Reticles Framework

Framework for vmt based reticles with sway and recoil correction

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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Titanfall 2 modding and custom server framework.

Preferred version: 1.18.0


Customisable reticles framework

Version v1.3.81 / internal mod version v1.3.8

📲Contact info:

Discord id: Creamy#5877
NS Discord Server:
 For Crashes - Please refer #modding_chat and @ me, before creating a ticket for the support team
 For Skins   - Please refer to #skin_chat and make sure to @ me


This mod adds vmts/vtfs for customisable reticles as well as convars for modsettings to use.

All transformations to reticles can be done via console, all convars start with 'CRM.'

This mod reqiures a modder to implement vmts into their model, this mod does not work on vanilla weapons.

Avaible Reticle Styles


Avaible Windage Styles


In order to use presets you need to input ie 'exec crf_fov96', if your fov is not on a list fear not, just play around with one of the scopes and create your own custom scalar based on theese values then simply save the your .cfg file in [ns mod folder]/CustomReticlesFramework/mod/cfg

Table for all FOV/cl_fovscale values

FOV 70 76 80 86 90 96 100 106 110 ~115 120
cl_fovscale 1.0 1.0825 1.1375 1.22 1.275 1.3575 1.4125 1.495 1.55 1.6 1.7
SCALAR 2.065 1.88 1.75 1.608 1.5 1.361 1.268 1.141 1.062 1.0 0.877

Example cfg used for fov_scale "1.7"

CRM.hcog2_offset_scalar 0.875
CRM.acgs_offset_scalar 0.875 
CRM.aog_r1_offset_scalar 0.875 
CRM.aog_r2_offset_scalar 0.875
CRM.cro_offset_scalar 0.875
CRM.r201_front_offset_scalar  0.875
CRM.vinson_front_offset_scalar 0.875

How to check all offset presets using proto_viewmodel_test

To test all of the avaible sights you need to launch private match whith sv_cheats 1 enabled.

ass text

After you load into your map type in console give proto_viewmodel_test - this will show all avaible mods that can be equipped. Lastly equip the sight you'd like to preview.

ass text

list of avaible scopes:

give proto_viewmodel_test hcog
give proto_viewmodel_test redline_sight
give proto_viewmodel_test threat_scope
give proto_viewmodel_test holosight
give proto_viewmodel_test aog
give proto_viewmodel_test aog_r1
give proto_viewmodel_test cqh
give proto_viewmodel_test hcog_r1
give proto_viewmodel_test hcog_r5

To use this framework in your custom models download the .blend containing r201 with all base scopes or individual smd files from github link


Unfortunetely settings such as cl_fov_scale;viewmodel_fov;zoom_fov (or any other settings that modify your fov), will 100% break the default scaling, in order to adjust it use [...]offset_scalar convar to fit your preference or use one of the presets mentioned above :p

Some .qc files need additionall $attachments like aog_r1 which you can copy from here:

$attachment "AOG_R1_FRONT" "def_c_scope_aog_r1" 0 1.685 -1.55 rotate -90 -90 0
$attachment "AOG_R1_REAR" "def_c_scope_aog_r1" 0 1.685 -1.56 rotate -90 -90 0

This is just a preview that was set up for 1.6 fov_scale, which is slightly [fov_scale 1 = 70fov; fov_scale 1.55 = 110fov]


8 styles of front reticles to choose from


ability to scale reticle


customisable base colour


reticle will be in sync with the crosshair/ center of the screen


RGB mode [can be assigned to toggle]


support for default colourblind modes [enabled by default]


Install via thundersore/VTOL is preffered, but if you are installing this mod manually, install this skin as a MOD !!

📷 Gallery [all available types]


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ass text Have fun <3