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A mod for the campaign that adds many interesting twists.

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A mod that adds a settings menu for modders to add their own settings in - with a filter to find certain ones easily.

Preferred version: 2.0.2
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A mod that revamps the HUD and adds tons of new customizability options.

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An ambitious mod for Titanfall 2's campaign. You're welcome to contribute & playtest - however this mod is far from finished and misses a lot of content.

0.3 BETA :D

We also got patch notes. Because I hate myself :)

The beta is here. Unpolished, Unclean, and probably as buggy as my room (thank you bedbugs).

But what's new? Come on down and read all of these patch notes :D

(NEW) Armor

Armor is a brand new mechanic, which will slowly turn into Roguelike’s main mechanic as I continue working on it.

But wasn’t the entire idea of Roguelike stacking items until the game breaks?

Yes. It was. But, as it turns out, that makes things confusing and (largely) unfun, unless you're me and know everything about the mod already.

But what is armor?

Armor has stats, and stats give you benefits! From extra speed to cooldown reduction, every stat has something to give. But beware, as every armor piece has an.. imbalance in stat distribution. So choose one or two stats to spec into - and start raising those numbers.


  • Added "FUCKING NUTS" difficulty.

    Don't ask. Don't choose it. Unless you want to. I ain't your mum.

  • When dying due to falls, you now revert to a checkpoint instead of having your run end.

    Dev Note: This makes certain speedrun strats, such as Barker Skip and River Jump much less punishing.

  • Into the Abyss returns!

    • Thought it'd never come back? WRONG. SUFFER.
    • Effect and Cause 1, and Beacon 1 are still skipped.
  • Health

    • Health Regen Rate reduced by 20% (Now 4HP/s)

    • Health Regen Rate now scales with level.

      Dev Note: The intention of health regen, was to provide a way to regain health in the early game. With healing items remaining sparse, I think for now this should provide a good solution. Do note that the more health you get from non-level sources, the "slower" regen becomes.

    • You now get 50% of the damage you deal as health.

    • You now get 33% of the damage you take as Hard Damage.

      Hard Damage temporarily caps your maximum health. It is gained over 5 seconds, after a 4 second delay.

      Dev Note: this new system forces you to be aggressive to regain your health. Base health regen takes 20 seconds now - making it unviable to hide behind a corner to regain health.

  • Leveling

    • Now exponential, each level takes 5% more XP than the last.
    • Enemies now award 5% more XP (multiplicative) per level.
  • BT-7274

    • Now gains 2 loadouts each level, instead of them being randomized each level.


  • No longer lose ammo randomly when dropped from NPCs.

  • Should now have the correct amount of ammo.

    Dev Note: previously, guns such as Belt Fed spitfires, would only come with one mag worth of ammo. This should be fixed now(?)

  • Weapons with 4-7 mods are now significantly less common.

(NEW) Burst Orientation x3, x4 and Mag Dump

With weird naming, these mods turn your pistols, explosives, assault rifles and shotguns into burst mode machines. They may increase fire rate or damage.


  • Stockpile Max 10 > 50
  • Starting Stockpile 5 > 45


  • It Never Ends
    • Sound fixed.
    • Max Fire Rate 95 > 165 (5,700RPM > 9,900RPM)
    • No longer uses a clip - now comes with 3,300 bullets and can collect up to 8,250.


  • Deploy Time 0.8s > 0.4s


  • No longer give a 20% speed boost when equipped.

    Dev Note: Made it weird and confusing. Even for me xD

Ordnance, with the exception of ticks

  • Max Charges 4 > 2
  • Now has a cooldown of ~15s (this means you can use the same grenade indefinitely)


You're welcome to contribute to this mod by making a Pull Request. Wether it is a new item, or a gameplay mechanic, but it may get denied, even if the implementation is perfect. However, some things are still missing from the mod and I will very much appreiciate any help in them.


Dependencies (REQUIRED TO PLAY)

ModSettings (latest version)

VERY RECOMMENDED (experience will be impacted badly if not used)

HUDRevamp (latest version)

Available versions

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