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A set of tools for running and enforcing a server intended for players new to Northstar, or Titanfall in general.

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Beginner Server kit

Tools for running and enforcing a server intended for beginners.


In theory, could be tuned for any mode, but testing and presets have been entirely based around attrition.

The default mod.json is for Novice level, to use intermediate, rename the second .json file and delete/rename the first. If you want to use convars, or tweak the settings of the mod, convar names and explanations can be found inside the mod.json file.


The main feature of this mod. The banhammer is a tool that kicks or bans players it evaluates to be too skilled for the server. The banhammer can be extensively tuned, but I recommend using one of the included presets, and including which one you are running in the server name. This way people will find beginner servers interchangeable, and know what type of skill level to expect.

Chat tips

A simple script that will make the server occasionally provide random titanfall tips in the chat, which let players know things that are good to know and can be used to improve at the game. You can add your own tips in the respective .nut file. (and remove some that might be specific to my servers) Submitting expansions to the list would be greatly appreciated.


A truly small brain solution. Barely a "tool". The statscollector, if enable, will post all player details in the server log every ten seconds. This allowed me to graph out and better identify how the detection should work. Techically, you too could use it to tune the banhammer to your liking.

Available versions

Please note that the install buttons only work if you have compatible client software installed, such as the Thunderstore Mod Manager. Otherwise use the zip download links instead.

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