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Pilotable Reaper

Pilot a Reaper and Destroy the Enemy Team!

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Pilotable Reaper



Exit     : Crouch Button
Run     : Move Forward/Backwards
Rotate : Move Left/Right
Shoot  : Normal Fire Button
Melee  : Normal Melee Button
Dash    : Jump Button + Direction-Input
Jump   : Hold Aim to Select a Location & Release Aim to Jump


Press Interact + Weaponcycle to switch between a Reaper and a Titan for your Titanfall.

[On Standard Controls this is: E + MouseWheel Up/Down]


Copy paste the "Palomar.ControllableReaper[V1.X]" folder into the "R2Northstar/mods" folder.

Other Infos

• A FOV of 90 and above is recommended for this mod.
• Please send any issues or crashlogs to Palomar#1201 on Discord.


•1.0: Release
•1.2: Added hitmarkers & you can now see your Reapers health at the bottom left (like an auto-titan)
•1.3: Increased Reaper Health & switched from chat to server-side rui for info messages
•1.4: Fixed a 1.12 crash & cooldowns are now displayed as bars instead of numbers