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Spaceship Bays

Adds spaceship bays on open air maps that can be used to call in flyable Spaceships.

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Flyable Fighters

[!!!This Mod is based on Uniboi's Controlable Spaceship Mod !!!]

Spaceship Classes

Straton is a lightweight fast ship that has a quad laser rifle that is
good at taking down titans.

Crow is a slow ship that can shoot a burst of rockets.
The rockets are good against pilots and decent against Titans

Goblin is the largest ship with the most health.
It has an automatic LMG. There are 2 seats in it. One for the driver and one for the gunner.
It is the only ship that can shoot independent from its Angle

Spaceship Control

The Ship Rotates into the direction you are looking

To Start/Land: Jump
To Exit/Eject: Crouch
To Slow Down: move back
To Speed Up: move forward
To Enter Freeview: Aim Down Sights
To Enter Gunner View: Aim Down Sights (only gunner)
To Shoot: same as shooting normal guns

Ship HUD

Spaceship Bays

This mod adds spaceship bays ,that can be used to call in flyable spaceships, on open air maps.

How to use Spaceship Bays:

1. Press the Purple Panel to choose a class
2. Press the Console to call in the Ship

Bay Locations [Kodai,Canal,HomeStead,Colony,Exoplanet]:

Colony exoplanet


•1.4: Added Hitmarkers
•1.5: Added HUD with Serverside-Rui & changed all info-messages to also use Serverside-Rui


Copy paste the "Palomar.FighterJetBase[V1.X]" and "Palomar.Palomar.JetActivationButtons[V1.X]"
folders into the "R2Northstar/mods" folder.