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Enables players to vote on different things like skipping a map or kicking a player, to add a true community feeling to your server! Also includes admin functionalities to enforce some rules.

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A Titanfall 2 modding and custom server framework.

Preferred version: 1.6.0



Enables players to vote on different things like skipping a map or kicking a player, to add a true community feeling to your server! Also includes admin functionalities to enforce some rules.

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Supporters <3

🟥 Scythe Zilla
🟨 Coopyy
🟨 Faky

BIG THANKS to: Elmo, Alt4, xiaO, DinoRush, Arashi, Coopyy, Spoon, Dullahan, Tsk22, wolf109909, Pandora and all the other people that helped me through this nightmare of a project! <3

Before Installing

Version 3.1.0 and higher

To enable commands being sent to chat you need to add -enablechathooks to your startup args!
Server: \Titanfall2\ns_startup_args_dedi.txt
Client(Private Match): \Titanfall2\ns_startup_args.txt

Mod Conflicts

For Flipside set pv_maps to "mp_glitch", disable mapvote and skip! There may be conflicts with other server mods which write messages to players as there can only be one message displayed! Namely Unholy Trinity, Karma's Admin Abuse and RCON. Basically every mod that sends a HUD-message. If there are conflicts either make one mod stop or disable it. If you need help hmu on Discord.


It is recommended to have sv_cheats set to 0 at all times, however if you plan to use my mod this is a must as players will be able to kick others and access admin commands!




  • Download the .zip on Github (under latest release)
  • Extract the .zip to \Titanfall2\R2Northstar\mods\


  • Download the latest version
  • In the downloaded folder you'll find a mods folder and in that my mod. Drag my mod out of /mods/ and into \Titanfall2\R2Northstar\mods\


  • Add a welcome message in takyon_welcome.nut or disable it in mod.json
  • Add rules in takyon_rules.nut or disable them in mod.json
  • Add your server name and discord in mod.json
  • Set a custom map pool in mod.json under pv_maps

Note: everything in mod.json can instead be set in \Titanfall2\R2Northstar\mods\Northstar.CustomServers\mod\cfg\autoexec_ns_server.cfg to allow for different configurations on different servers


The main branch is only updated with minor changes between releases! The newest features are always in a seperate branch and will be merged with main on release. Versioned branches might have bugs or other issues till release. Once released they should be fully functional and will be merged with main.

How to contribute

Here you can see planned features/bugs and their current status.

Contribute Code

The main branch will always work so it's safe to implement stuff on top of it, it will be merged with a versioned branch and then released. You could also build features on versioned branches, however this might result in more merge conflicts.

Contribute Ideas

You can open a Discussion and share your thoughts on certain features, suggest improvements or new features. You can also DM me on Discord: Takyon Scure#6969



Usage: [!help] [!help command]

Shows the player who requested it all available commands.
If they added a command after the usage of said command will be displayed.

!skip | !rtv

Usage: [!skip] [!skip force] | [!rtv] [!rtv force]

This lets the player vote to skip the map. It sends a message to everyone showing how many people want to skip and that they can skip with !skip. If half the Players voted to skip, the game time will be set to 1 second, allowing stats to be seen and switching to a new map.

Users cannot vote twice as their name is being tracked. They will get a message that they have already voted.

Votes are reset on map change.

!skip force only works for people declared as admins in the andminNames array. This lets them skip without voting.


Usage: [!kick name] [!kick name force] | [!yes] [!no]

Lets people vote on kicking a player by typing !yes or !no. By default at least 90% of people need to have voted and more than half of those have to vote for kicking. (This can be changed)

Not the full name has to be given, just enough to identify a player.

!kick name force only works for people declared as admins in the andminNames array. This lets them kick without voting.

This feature can be disabled, even disallowing admins to kick.

There cannot be two votes at the same time. Mabye adding a time limit in the future?


Usage: [!extend] [!extend force]

Lets people vote on extending the map to play longer. (The time added can be changed)

By default the map can only be extended once. (This can be changed)

Force can only be used by admins, and will always extend the map.


Usage: [!rules]

Shows the user the servers rules, specified in takyon_rules.nut. Change or disable these!

!sendrules |!sr

Usage: [!sendrules] [!sr]

Lets an admin send the rules to a specific user. Rules are shown for longer and have a notice that an admin sent these. This can be used on users who misbehave.


Usage: [!msg playerName message]

Lets an admin send an anonymous direct message to the player. This might help with toxic users or if you do not want to embarrass them publicly, which may lead to more problems.

Not the full name has to be given, just enough to identify a player.


Usage: [!announce message]

Lets an admin announce something. The message is displayed for everyone.


Usage: [!switch] [!switch force player]

Lets a player switch teams based on some rules to keep the match balanced.
Lets an admin switch the team of a player.


Usage: [!balance] [!balance force]

Lets players vote on balancing the teams based on K/D.
This will distribute good players evenly to make a fair match.


Usage: [!vote] [!vote number] [!vote number force]

Lets players vote which map will be played next.
Also lets the server hoster make a custom map playlist with every available map regardless of gamemode.


Usage: [!ping] [!ping playerName]

Gets the players average ping. [An issue regarding this being inaccurate is currently being investigated]


This mod can be configured using the following ConVars, which can be set inside your R2Northstar\mods\Northstar.CustomServers\mod\cfg\autoexec_ns_server.cfg file:

Name Description Default value Accepted Value
pv_admin_uids Comma-separated list of player's UIDs who should be able to force votes like kick, skip and extend "1006880507304" string
pv_servername Put your server name here so it shows in the welcome message! "YOUR SERVER" string
pv_display_hint_on_spawn_amount Amount of times (after dropship) a hint to type !help should be displayed on respawn. Always displayed in dropship unless set to -1 2 int
pv_help_enabled Allow players to use !help 1 0-1
pv_skip_enabled Allow players to start a voteskip 1 0-1
pv_skip_percentage Percentage of "skip" votes required for a vote to pass 0.8 float
pv_kick_enabled Allow players to start a votekick 1 0-1
pv_kick_percentage Percentage of "yes" required for a vote to pass 0.9 float
pv_kick_min_players How many people have to be online for a votekick to be initiated so that when 3 people are online 2 cant kick 1. Avoids trolling. 5 int
pv_kick_save_players Save kicked players which will keep them from rejoining the same match 1 0-1
pv_extend_vote_enabled Allow players to start a vote extend 1 0-1
pv_extend_percentage Percentage of "extend" votes required for a vote to pass 0.6 float
pv_extend_map_multiple_times Allow multiple extensions of the same map 0 0-1
pv_extend_amount By how many minutes the map gets extended on vote passed 3.5 float
pv_rules_enabled Allow !rule usage 1 0-1
pv_rules_admin_send_enabled Allow admins to send users the rules 1 0-1
pv_rules_show_time For how many seconds the rules should be displayed when an admin sends them 15 int
pv_message Admins can send players messages 1 0-1
pv_announce Admins can make announcements 1 0-1
pv_switch_enabled Allows players to use !switch to switch teams 1 0-1
pv_switch_admin_switch_enabled Allows admins to use !switch force name to switch a player 1 0-1
pv_switch_max_player_diff How many more players the enemy team can have. If they have more than this value, a player cant !switch 1 int
pv_max_switches How many times a player can !switch per match. Keep this low to prevent abuse as there is no timer 2 int
pv_ping_enabled Allows players to use !ping 1 0-1
pv_ping_average_time For how many seconds the ping should be measured to get an average. Set to 0.0 for current ping. 2.0 float
pv_balance_enabled Allows users to start a vote to balance the teams by k/d 1 0-1
pv_balance_percentage How many people are neede to pass the vote in percent 0.5 float
pv_balance_at_map_end Shuffle teams by skill at end of map 0 0-1
pv_vote_map_enabled allows users to !vote for the next played map 1 0-1
pv_map_time_frac When during the match the map vote is displayed. 0.5 would be halftime, 0.8 after 80% of the match is over 0.5 float
pv_map_map_propose_amount how many maps to propose. KEEP THIS LOWER THAN THE AMOUNT OF MAPS YOU HAVE IN pv_maps!!! 5 maps in pv_maps -> set this to 4 maximum 6 int
pv_maps This is your map-pool. One of these maps will be chosen as the next map, allowing you to make a custom map rotation regardless of gamemode all maps "mp_angel_city, mp_black_water_canal,..." string
pv_welcome_enabled Will send a welcome message when a player first joins the match 1 0-1

Adding rules

Rules can be added in mod\scripts\vscripts\takyon_rules.nut below the "add rules here" section.

To make a new Rule add this below the other rules:

string rule99 = "[99] this is a rule"

Make sure it's getting diplayed by adding it to "rules". Add a + behind the last \n then add your rule with:

rule99 + "\n"

Available versions

Please note that the install buttons only work if you have compatible client software installed, such as the Thunderstore Mod Manager. Otherwise use the zip download links instead.

Upload date Version number Downloads Download link  
2022-4-11 3.1.21 376 Version 3.1.21 Install
2022-4-11 3.1.2 27 Version 3.1.2 Install
2022-2-26 3.1.1 368 Version 3.1.1 Install
2022-2-16 3.1.0 83 Version 3.1.0 Install
2022-2-13 3.0.1 57 Version 3.0.1 Install
2022-2-12 3.0.0 61 Version 3.0.0 Install