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This mod requires the following mods to function

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Titanfall 2 modding and custom server framework.

Preferred version: 1.20.0


Grunt Mode

How to Use

In Attrition gamemode, use the playlistvar aitdm_grunt_mode 1 to replace Attrition with GruntMode

Please add

  • sv_max_props_multiplayer 500000
  • sv_max_prop_data_dwords_multiplayer 800000

to startup args(add an extra + as prefix) or typing them in console before starting, otherwise the game might crash


This is a whole mod pack, might cause issue when use together with some other mods or in other gamemodes, recommand run on dedicated servers!

If you're not on dedicated servers, please enable sv_cheats and do weapon_reparse in console before starting the gamemode, disable sv_cheats after weapon_reparse is done


Basic Gameplay:

  • You will respawn as a random class from droppod
  • Your double jump and wallrun is disabled by default( some classes may enable them ), but you can still climb walls
  • Enemy npcs are stronger

Score Events:

Start with player grunts and normal grunts

  • 0: Specialist grunts spawning

  • 50: Spectres spawning

  • 100: Stalkers and Prowlers spawning

  • 180: Reapers and Gunships spawning

  • 250: Titans and NPC pilots spawning

Playlist Variable Related Stuffs

PlaylistVar are variables that can be used in setplaylistvaroverrides command

They're also accessible in Private Match Settings menu( with localized display name )

  • Each game has a 33% chance of becoming a night combat( chance can be modified through playlistvar gruntmode_night_chance )
  • Taking damage from titans and explosions(such as nuke and ticks) will leave you 1HP( protection can be turned off through playlistvar grunt_player_protection 0 )
  • Your abilities and ordnances won't recharge by default( some classes may have regenable abilities ), search for care packages to refill them and your anti-titan weapon's ammo. When playlistvar gruntmode_weapon_carepackage 1 is enabled, care package will also give you a grenadier weapon
  • You can use custom_air_accel_pilot to customize player's air acceleration if you want to disable their ability to slidehop
  • Add Classic Rodeo Fix(Testing): Use the playlist var classic_rodeo 1 to enable (fake) TF|1 style rodeo. Rodeo damage can be modified through playlistvar classic_rodeo_damage_scale

Default Player Classes:

  • Assault Grunt: r97, archer and frag grenade

  • Heavy Grunt: spitfire and archer

  • Rifleman Grunt: flatline, archer and frag grenade

  • Shotgun Grunt: eva-8, archer and frag grenade

  • Sniper Grunt: dmr, archer and electric smoke grenade

  • Engineer: l-star and thunderbolt, one turret in inventory

  • Specialist Grunt: l-star and mgl, can deploy two drones

  • Shield Captain: r201 and mgl, carrying a mobile particle wall

  • Shock Grunt: volt and thunderbolt, one arc trap in inventory

  • Spectre: mastiff and charge rifle, have double jump ability

  • Sonar Pulser: alternator, charge rifle and pulse blade

  • Jumper: devotion and mgl, one jumppad usage

  • Shifter: double-take and thunderbolt, one longer phaseshift usage

  • Ravenant: hemlok, charge rifle and satchel, super wallclimb, faster crouchwalk

  • Phase Walker: r101 and thunderbolt, one portal usage(portal destroys on death)

  • Heavy Sniper: kraber(anti-titan) and electric smoke grenade

  • Runner: re45 and mgl, octane stim(longer stim that costs health)

  • Path Builder: r97 and mgl, one zipline gun usage(zipline destroys on death)

  • Scout: g2 and archer, two grapple usage

  • Flyer: mozambique and charge rifle, passive jet pack

  • Assassin: wingman elite, charge rifle and arc grenade

Modding Feature

Use the function GruntMode_RegisterPlayerClass( string className, void functionref( entity ) classLoadoutFunction, bool isSpecialist ) to register your own classes


  • className: your new class' name, cannot be the same as any other classes

  • loadoutFunction: how this class is given weapons, classMods and so on

  • isSpecialist: whether killing this class will get extra scores

I recommand copy & paste and use the function SimpleClassLoadout() from _grunt_default_classes.gnut, you can also learn how to create a class from this file

Special Thanks

I used/modified some scripts from following mods

Thanks to them giving me a chance to add more stuff into my mod!

Dinorush: Brute4

Moblin: Archon

The PeePeePooPoo Man: Flipside and Mutator Pack

uniboi: Impulse Grenade and Holosprays

Palomar: Phaseshift Rework

Legonzaur: Holoshift

Change Logs


  • Add special minimap icon for reapers and gunships

  • Add generic dot minimap icon for npc pilots and prowlers

  • Reduce npc pilot damage reduction and make them executable

  • Reduce the chance of boss titan replacing normal titans

  • Make gunship spawnpoints higher from ground, try to make them less likely can stuck

  • Fix arcball lightning can't damage gunships


  • Fix crash happen when a spectre or stalker getting headshot at by other npcs

  • Make reaper's health bar and highlight visible during nuke sequence, so it's easier to recognize their team


  • Add much wider spawn point search for titans and prevent them spawning together at one point

  • Try to fix a crash happens when cleaning up idle prowlers

  • Make npcs don't target eject flight npc pilots often

  • Fix npc titan become unarmed after using ion prime execution


  • Fix npc pilot become invincible after failed to embark

  • Make npc gunship less likely to be targeted by ground unites, reduce max health

  • Make npc titans more aggresive on searching for enemy titans

  • Fix npc titan nuke eject dealing extremely high damage


  • Fix npc pilot combat behavior

  • Fix npc pilot's melee range

  • Fix npc titan ejecting animation

  • Make specialist grunt throw grenades more often, disable their ability to switch to pistol

  • Add more weapons for grunts and spectres

  • Add Northstar v1.20.0 compatibility


  • Fix a crash that happens when player "Out of sync with server"


  • Fix a runtime error caused by npc pilot weapon attachment


  • Update Readme

  • Make npc Vanguard-Class titan's health bar visible

  • Fix npcs targeting embarking npc pilots

  • Fix npc friendly highlights

  • Merge gunship spawn into reaper score event

  • Fix npc pilot's incorrect weapon damage

  • Add more weapons for npc pilot

  • Fix npc Vanguard-Class titan's rodeo sound

  • Add compatibility with Northstar v1.19.10


  • Add better npc pilot ejecting behavior, reduce the chance they get stuck in rooftop or somewhere


  • Make reaper unable to melee rodeo player when they're targeting the titan

  • Add attachments for npc weapons


  • Add NPC Gunship spawn

  • Add compatibility with Northstar v1.19.9


  • Update Readme


  • Update Special Thanks

  • Add back compatibility with PR#655

  • Make infantry with AT weapon don't running around when titan getting close

  • Remove npc specialist grunt spawn with stalkers

  • Balance npc specialist grunt weapons( buff elite-guard grunts and nerf sniper grunts )

  • Balance stalker weapons( buff epg, softball and nerf smr )

  • Increase the damage prowlers dealt to titans and reapers

  • Add dangerous area for npc titan( excluded player owned titans ) and reaper's drop spot

  • Make npcs don't target npc titans( excluded player owned titans ) in bubble shield

  • Make npc titan unable to melee rodeo player when they're targeting the titan


  • Fix incorrect kill replay callsign display when killed by a npc

  • Fix a crash that may happen during intro spawn


  • Add compatibility with following update: PR#701


  • Temporarily remove compatibility with PR#655 to make the mod able to compile at current version

  • Fix a client script error related with npc arcball weapons


  • Use spawn waves for npc spawn to make it more stable

  • Use custom execution chooser for npcs

  • Add compatibility with following update: PR#554, PR#655


  • Bug fixes about compilation and client-side runtime error


  • Add npc titan rodeo countermeasure( electric smoke )


  • Add compatibility with Northstar v1.18.0