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Mixed Game

Weapon Hopups

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Titanfall 2 modding and custom server framework.

Preferred version: 1.9.4


Mixed Game

Use the PlaylistVar LOADOUTREPLACE to automatically equip these hopups

Special thanks to Palomar#1201, Uniboi#5786 and Legonzaur#2100!!

List of Hopups


Almost All Weapons

Hopup: tediore_relaod , throw your gun upon reload to cause different effects, their power is based on how much ammo left in clip. require a unique hopup to have their unique effects

Exceptions: Spitfire, DMR, Cold War, Softball and L-Star


since P2016 is a hitscan weapon, recommand install on client before using it's hopups

Hopup1: gibber_pistol , shoots a sticky grenade

Hopup2: grenade_pistol , shoots a bouncable grenade


since Flatline is a hitscan weapon, recommand install on client before using it's hopups

Hopup1: flak_rile , shoots a fast missle


Hopup1: apex_nessie , shoots a nessie drone. trust me, you're not gonna like this. can be destroyed by radius damage

Hopup2: arc_net , increased spead, bolt never dissolves. bolt will have a net connecting each other(no damage for now)

Double Take

Hopup1: arc_net, increased spead. bolt will have a net connecting each other(no damage for now)


Hopup1: lagging_lstar , bolt will lag after a while, press ads or make weapon overheat to release them


Hopup1: thermite_softball , shoots a fire star

Hopup2: sonar_softball , shoots a pulse blade

Hopup3: northstar_softball , shoots a Northstar titan that causes a nuclear explosion on impact

Hopup4: cluster_softball , shoots a cluster missle

Hopup5: arcball_softball , shoots an arc ball

Hopup6 smoke_softball , shoots an electic smoke grenade

Hopup7 gravity_softball , shoots a gravity star

Hopup8 triplethreat_softball , fires like the weapon Triple Threat

Hopup9 emp_softball , shoots an arc grenade

Hopup10 error_softball , randomly shoots softball grenade

Hopup11 grenade_launcher , boucing grenade, simillar as tf2 demoman's primary

Hopup12 stickybomb_launcher , plant stickies up to 8 and detonate them by pressing ads, similar as tf2 demoman's secondary

Thunder Bolt

Hopup1: smoke_launcher , launches a cluster grenade that split to 4 smoke grenades on impact( 1 more than bangalore's smoke )


Hopup1: zipline_launcher , shoots a tripwire node, twice you can create a tripwire if they can tether each other

Hopup2: flesh_magnetic , fake magnetic, dealing less damage but also search for pilots and grunts( with less magnetic radius and force )

Hopup3: magnetic_roller , inspired by brute4, nade become magnetic after bounce once


Hopup1: guided_missile , shoot a rocket that can be controled by ads, ads will show a laser to your enemy

Hopup2: no_lock_required , can shoot a rocket without completely locked


Gravity Star

Hopup1: gravity_lift , like horizon's tactical

Hopup2: antigravity_star , push away players and projectiles that in range

Fire Star

Hopup1: flamewall_grenade , spawn a flame wall, apply a DoT damage to enemies step in

Hopup2: meteor_grenade , throws a meteor projectile


Hopup1: proximity_mine , titanfall 1 arc mine

Hopup2: anti_titan_mine , high damage mine, auto detonate when titans walk by

Arc Grenade

Hopup1: impulse_grenade , from Uniboi#5786, instead of stunning enemy, it impulses both yourself and enemy

Electric Smoke Grenade

Hopup1: smoke_mine , plant a mine that releases electric smoke when enemy gets close.

Hopup2: creeping_bombardment , like bangalore's ultimate. call in a air strike that delayed detonating and stuns enemy



Hopup1: octane_stim , instant recharge stim, longer duration but with less speed boost and will cost your health

Hopup2: jump_pad , like octane's ultimate. cannot be destroyed

Hopup3: wrecking_ball , like mad maggie's ultimate

Hopup4: repair_drone , summon a drone that slowly heals nearby friendly


Hopup1: zipline_grapple , like pathfinder's ultimate. will recharge itself if failed to deploy


Hopup1: cloak_field , deploy a field of cloak that can automatically cloak friendly players inside, can be destroyed

Hopup2: cloak_drone , like fd's cloak drone. search for it's owner, try to cloak owner and their nearby allys

Phase Shift

Hopup1: wraith_phase , like wraith's tactical. stun yourself for a while, then get into a longer phase with speed boost

Hopup2: wraith_portal , like wraith's ultimate. first activation: start placing portal after 1.2s, second activation: place a portal

Hopup3: phase_rework , from Palomar#1201. boost you self at first charge, rewind back to boosted position at second charge

Amped Wall || Hard Cover

Hopup1: personal_shield , creates a small shield that slowly follows your eye direction

Hopup2: gibraltar_shield , creates a dome shield like gibraltar's tactical

Hopup3: shield_drone , summon a drone that can create shield for it's owner, destroy the drone can also destroy the shield


Hopup1: holoshift , from Legonzaur#2100, trans-position with your holopilot

Pulse Blade

Hopup1: death_marker , highlight players you hit while activating, killing a player will highlight all enemy players nearby( with a special pulse effect )

Arc Blast

actual name mp_ability_arc_blast, recommand install on client before using it

Hopup1: area_force , press melee to drag an enemy towards you


Hopup1: jet_pack , like valkrey's passive. press/hold "Jump" while holding "Sprint" will make you lift up

Incendiary Trap

Hopup1: gas_trap , like caustic's tactical. slow down enemy pilots in gas and damage them up to 40% of their max health, can be destroyed

Hopup1: molotov , auto-ignite trap with less damage

Sonar Pulse

Hopup1: orbitalstrike , call in a air strike

Tether Trap

Hopup1: pilot_tether , common tether, but with shorter lifetime but is able to tether a pilot

Gun Shield

now also works for pilots, creates a smaller shield like gibraltar's passive

Burn Card Weapons


fixed when it lands on places that aren't covered with navmesh, it will instant explode with no owner

Hopup1: prowler_spawner , instead of spawning a tick after deployed, it will spawn a prowler

Hopup2: sp_tick_model , spawn a drone from campaign

Hopup3: drone_spawner , instead of spawning a tick after deployed, it will spawn a drone

Hopup4: drone_spawner_anim , play an anim while throwing a drone


Hopup1: personal_turret , creates a small turret on your head, recommand use with burnmeter_ap_turret_weapon to have proper icon

Arc Trap

make it usable in non-fd gamemodes

Hopup1: limited_arc_trap , player's traps are limited by amount and activate count

Hopup2: one_time_arc_trap , player's arc traps can only be activate once, then they go explode

Titan Cores

Burst Core

Hopup1: damage_core , damage core from ttf1, increase damage by 50% for 12s

Sword Core

Hopup1: dash_core , dash core from ttf1, gain fast dash recharge for 7s

Upgrade Core

Hopup1: shield_core , shield core from ttf1, fast shield recharge for 7s, shields earn from core will be cleared after activation

Change Log

v1.0.1 && v1.0.2

-Updated README


-Added personal_turret and area_force


-Made Damage Core a hopup of Burst Core instead of replacing it

-Added wraith_portal, molotov, metetor_grenade, damage_core, dash_core and shield_core

-Added DamageDef for modified weapons


-Added tediore_reload, grenade_launcher, stickybomb_launcher and guided_missile

-Auto Loadout Replacing can be toggle on by PlaylistVar


-Updated README


-Sorry I messed up Kraber and Wingman Elite!!! now moved their projectile_inherit_owner_velocity_scale into their hopups!


-Added jet_pack, flamewall_grenade, lagging_lstar, wrecking_ball, repair_drone, shield_drone, sp_tick_model, drone_spawner, drone_spawner_anim, holoshift, phase_rework, impulse_grenade, flesh_magnetic, magnetic_roller, arc_net, creeping_bombardment, smoke_mine, death_marker, grenade_pistol, anti_titan_mine

Available versions

Please note that the install buttons only work if you have compatible client software installed, such as the Thunderstore Mod Manager. Otherwise use the zip download links instead.

Upload date Version number Downloads Download link  
2022-8-29 1.4.0 82 Version 1.4.0 Install
2022-8-16 1.3.2 48 Version 1.3.2 Install
2022-8-6 1.3.1 34 Version 1.3.1 Install
2022-8-6 1.3.0 13 Version 1.3.0 Install
2022-7-28 1.2.0 24 Version 1.2.0 Install
2022-7-4 1.1.0 45 Version 1.1.0 Install
2022-7-3 1.0.2 24 Version 1.0.2 Install
2022-7-3 1.0.1 16 Version 1.0.1 Install
2022-7-3 1.0.0 15 Version 1.0.0 Install