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mp mirror city

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Adds the flipside mode, to make it serverside only this is done as a modifier not a gamemode and can be toggled from the settings. Only works on glitch and will break on other maps. when toggled off the weapon .nut changes will not take effect

Preferred version: 0.5.8



this is a custom map that is mirrored on the y axis to support flipside

you will need to get flipside or the map will crash

showcase by Illustriousblade


to load the map you will need to add it to a playlist or just type map mp_mirror_city into the console

supported game modes

  1. tdm
  2. ps
  3. speedball
  4. fastball
  5. ffa
  6. fra
  7. sns
  8. gg
  9. chamber
  10. hidden
  11. inf
  12. hs
  13. mfd
  14. coliseum

Available versions

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2022-11-12 0.1.0 114 Version 0.1.0 Install