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Customizable interface that displays how much damage has been dealt.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

northstar-Northstar-1.7.0 icon

Titanfall 2 modding and custom server framework.

Preferred version: 1.7.0
EladNLG-ModSettings-1.1.1 icon

A mod that adds a settings menu for modders to add their own settings in - with a filter to find certain ones easily.

Preferred version: 1.1.1



EladNLG's ModSettings are required. Get the mod here: https://northstar.thunderstore.io/package/EladNLG/ModSettings/


There are two different places for macros available. To define a macro, change it in the ModSettings. I recommend writing the macro in a text editor and pasting it in. A macro is a string that contains tokens that get compiled and executed at runtime. You can declare a token with ${}. For example, writing static as a macro will always display "static" as title/description. Writing ${var locals = getstackinfos(3).locals; return locals.damage.tostring()} DMG instead will output "xDMG" where "x" is the amout of damage the entity has received. It is possible to use { and } brackets in a macro. Every token is required to return a string Macros can't be statically typed.

There is no limit on the number of tokens. For example, something like this is possible: pre-token ${return "token1"} mid-token ${return "token2"} post token. This would return "pre-token token1 mid-token token2".

You can switch between a "fancy" flyout and a "compact" one. The compact version looks more like the one from the original DamageDisplay. The fancy one can be a bit distracting because it points to the position of the entity for a few seconds.

Writing Custom Macros

Tokens get passed some parameters:

  • float damage
  • vector damagePosition
  • entity victim
  • bool isCrit
  • bool isIneffective
  • float summedDamage

You can access those with getstackinfos(3).locals.variable. You can also use every other global variable. To get information about the last flyout, use lastFlyout.

lastFlyout contains the rui, the last victim, last damage dealt and the time when.


Here are some examples for macros:

Get the damage of each individual shot: (x DMG)
${var locals = getstackinfos(3).locals; return locals.damage.tostring()} DMG

Get the combined damage you have dealt to a single individual in the last 3 seconds: (x DMG)
${var locals = getstackinfos(3).locals;var s; if(lastFlyout.victim == locals.victim  && Time() - lastFlyout.damageTime < 3){s = locals.summedDamage + locals.damage}else{s = locals.damage};; return s.tostring()} DMG

Total HP of the Victim and the Max HP of the victim: ( HP / MAXHP)
${var locals = getstackinfos(3).locals; return (locals.victim.GetHealth() - locals.damage).tostring()}/${return getstackinfos(3).locals.victim.GetMaxHealth().tostring()} HP

Remaining health percentage: (x% HP)
${var locals = getstackinfos(3).locals; var totalhealth = locals.victim.GetHealth() - locals.damage;format("%.1f",totalhealth < 0 ? 0 : totalhealth / locals.victim.GetMaxHealth() * 100)}% HP

Viewplayer KD:
${var locals = getstackinfos(3).locals; var kills = GetLocalViewPlayer().GetPlayerGameStat(PGS_KILLS).tofloat();if(locals.victim.GetHealth() - locals.damage < 0){kills++}; var deaths = GetLocalViewPlayer().GetPlayerGameStat(PGS_DEATHS).tofloat(); deaths = deaths ? deaths : 1; return format("%.2f", kills/deaths)} KD

${var locals = getstackinfos(3).locals;var kills = GetLocalViewPlayer().GetPlayerGameStat(PGS_KILLS);if(locals.victim.GetHealth() - locals.damage < 0){kills++};return kills.tostring()} Kills

You can see what is looks like in this video:

Showcase Video

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