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Adds more options to the settings menu, such as extra keybinds, cheats, hud enhancements and cleaner interface

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Titanfall 2 - Enhanced Menu Mod

VPK Build Status

Enhanced Menu Mod

Adds more options to the settings menu, such as extra keybinds, cheats, hud enhancements and cleaner interface


  • Removed Spotlight and Whats New from the main menu
  • Added sv_cheats to the contols menu
  • Added HUD Options
    • Bloom - mat_disable_bloom
    • Show FPS - cl_showfps
    • Show FPS Big - showfps_enabled
    • Show Player Position - cl_showpos
  • Added new Keybinds
    • Speedrunning
      • Save/Load Quicksave 1
      • Save/Load Quicksave 2
      • Save/Load Quicksave 3
      • Slow the game to 25%
      • Speed the game up to 500%
      • Reset all helmets
      • Give yourself an EVA Shotgun
      • Give yourself an EPG
    • Demos
      • Record Demo incrementally
      • Record Demo
      • Stop recording Demo
      • Pause Demo
      • Resume Demo
      • Toggle Play/Pause Demo
    • Extras
      • Toggle low gravity
      • Set camera to First Person
      • Set camera to Third Person
      • Move Third Person camera in
      • Move Third Person camera out
      • Hide/Show weapon
    • No Cutscene Saves
      • Load save 1-9 with 3 alternate saves
    • No Cutscene Helmet Saves
      • Load save 1 and 2
  • Added Extras Menu
    • Demos
      • Enable Demos
      • Save Demos
      • Interpolate Playback
      • Demo record rate Single Player
      • Demo record rate Multiplayer
      • Key Bindings (shortcut)
    • Gameplay
      • Enable Wallrunning (sp)
      • Enable Automantle (sp)
      • Enable Vertical Dodge (sp)
      • Player Control Debounce
      • Command Que
      • Speedometer Settings (Works with the MP mod)
    • Community
      • Communities toggle for MP
  • Audio
    • Loading Fade Time
    • Loading Silence Time
  • Replaced Chinese subtitles with English
  • Replaced Chinese UI text with English
  • Removed crashes from Dev launch arguments -dev +developer 1
  • Added Speedometer (only to Single Player)


  1. Download the pre-compiled version from the releases page or ModDB(OLD)

  2. Backup your englishclient_frontend.bsp.pak000_dir.vpk and copy the 2 .vpk files from the downloaded zip to your Titanfall2/vpk folder


  1. Download the Icepick specific version from the releases page

  2. Open the downloaded Enhanced.Menu.Mod.Icepick.zip file and copy the Enhanced.Menu.Mod.Icepick folder to you Icepick/data/mods folder.

  3. Launch Icepick.


  1. Download the Northstar specific version from the releases page

  2. Open the downloaded Enhanced.Menu.Mod.Northstar.zip file and copy the Enhanced.Menu.Mod.Northstar folder to you Titanfall2/R2Northstar/mods folder.

  3. Launch Northstar.


Main Menu with custom menu video

Main Menu with the original Titanfall 2 menu video

Main Menu with no showcase content

Main Menu with the showcase removed to declutter the menu

Cheats setting

New Cheat options that can be enabled as well as the extras menu

New custom keybinds

Added keybinds for speedrunners and extra commands for fun

Advanced Look Options with values

Shows the values for each setting on the Advanced Look Options

New HUD options

Added extra HUD display options for showing FPS, Position, Velocity, and Server Tick rate

Extras Menu

Added a menu for enabling and changing demo settings for recording single and multiplayer demos as well as turning of wallrunning and enabling titan jumping.

Available versions

Please note that the install buttons only work if you have compatible client software installed, such as the Thunderstore Mod Manager. Otherwise use the zip download links instead.

Upload date Version number Downloads Download link  
2022-2-11 1.14.0 1373 Version 1.14.0 Install