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Goofy Ahh Soundpack

Ultimate brainrot pack. Replaces a handful of in-game sounds. Don't play with this mod at full volume.

By theNon
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Standy for Brainrot.

I welcome you to my god forsaken collection of sounds that should not have been put into the game and yet here we are.

Replaces a lot sounds with memes and with a handful of variety for a few of them so not one sound is too repetitive at least early on.

This is what your game could sound like:


Contact @nonname123 on Northstar Discord server if you have issues related to my mod.


-Uninstall / disable any previous sound effect mods that was made by me, this pack contains all the sounds from those works. (Except intro music mods)

-Will likely conflict with other sound mods. Disable those mods first if game crash on start up after you installed this mod.

-This mod will be updated when i make changes to it every now and then.

-DON'T play the game with this mod at full volume lol.

-Was made with Attrition mode in mind or any mode that has minions enabled, play that mode for optimal amount of bs.

-Will take a minute or two to boot the game if NS has to sync up all the audio or you do 'reload mods' lmao. If you have to reload mods with this mod active, restarting the game will work better, cause in my experience the game just hangs after a while.

-Sometimes the audio don't work properly like audio static at the end of some of the sounds or destroying one part of your ear, cannot really fix it you may just have to restart the game if it persists for long because it's that inconsistent whether or not it wants to break or not. Just be warned.

-This mod is over 100MB


1.0: Release

1.1.0: Added and removed various sounds so if you installed this mod manually, you should remove the previous version. Idk if mod managers delete old versions of mod to replace with new ones but i'd recommend doing so anyway.

1.1.1: Added missing folder.

1.1.2: A few new sounds additions.

1.1.3: Minor edits, added Grand Theft Semi-Auto execution sound

1.2.0: Added the rest of the Execution sounds plus some other minor changes. You can delete the previous version and update if you installed manually (Any custom changes you made will also be affected if you do so).

1.2.1: Forgor default Legion execution

1.2.2: Forgor the later half of a-wall execution